hi I'm ashton! a 28 year old minnesota + destination wedding photographer. i was born and raised in central MN and am currently based out of monticello, mn. i’ve had a passion for photography since i was a kid, so i consider myself incredibly lucky to have made this my career.

like most photographers, i am a sucker for a good trendy photoshoot but at the end of the day, timeless images are what i hope to capture best. throughout my work you’ll get a mix of trendy/aesthetic photography along with the classic; a perfect mix in my opinion.

with that being said, each bride has their own vision for what their wedding photos will look like, i want to know all about that vision to make sure we will be a great team leading up to wedding day. these photos are meant to last a lifetime and i want nothing more than for you to be obsessed with your gallery and to be able to look back on them and feel like you’re back in that exact moment.

talk soon,